Wednesday, September 03, 2008

whuts the different?

Haiyaa..!!why everyone arguing bout me n my bf?
izit because he's Chinese n i'm Malay? come one guyss!!
what's the different between Malay boy n Chinese boy? We're Malaysian..
people always asked me dis "asal u ske Chinese eh?, ape yang dorang ade?"
even Chinese oso asked me the same question..haha.
nak tau ape yg gue jawab?
simple je..becaue "THE POWER OF L.O.V.E" n one more thing "fate"
betul tak?

owhh!! wait!! some of them tnye
"eh ur bf ade cheese tak?" siot do i noe kan?
btw..i love him because of of him..
not because of his Chinese or he got money or whatever it is okay!!

yAaayy!! nak dekat buka puase..
okay..Selamat Berbukaa kepada sesipe yg berpuasa..


Anonymous said...

agree with u k..
np eh org nk nyebok ngan ape kite suke?? kdg2 xphm org msia nih k..suke ati la nk kwn ngn chinese ke ape? np malay mesti ngan malay je..pening pening..

whatever it is..aku support ko kayh!!
cayang fuzy sho much but CAYANG ACAP MORE!!

with love,

Fuzy blurry said...

miss a'a: tq darling..ya..we're Malaysian rite..muhibah..hehe..

okay!!Acap win!!Love you too darling but love MyV more..hehehe..

Anonymous said... myV more?
ko syg kete nape?

Fuzy blurry said...

miss aa: pandai kamu melawakkan..hehe