Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"Chit Chat Mate?"

My sony ericsson cellphone's beeping sound woke me up last night around 3 a.m.
Used to receiving important msg or my Boyfriend messages only,
I grabbed my cell and sleepily pushed the keys and read the message.
"Hi there! Care 2 b my chat mate?"

Not knowing who the sender was,
I deleted the message right away and placed the phonebeside me,
I tried to go back to sleep.
I had just closed my eyes when I heard the message tone again.
"Hi there, again! Care 2 b my chat mate?" again, the message said.

"Who the hell could this be asking for chat mate at the late hours of the night?" Giler!!
One thing for sure bukan from my Boyfriend..
Again, without bothering to reply I deleted the message.

until this morning...
the "chat mate person" still kacau me!!

haihhh...i can't reg my degree...
shit!! today is the last day....
but i still haven't fill the form..
lagipun kat Shah Alam takde course yg saye mahukan!!
im not taking full time nye..im taking PLK..(off campus)
cam mane ni???HELP MEE!!
i'm going to try it again!!
wish me luck guys!!

pray for my degree

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