Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Have you been thinking about the gifts men would love to have girls??
just ask your friends. they'll tell you that it is really difficult to come up with gift ideas for men. am i right guys? but it won't hurt to give something stylish..

When it come to gifts, men have their favorites too..tapi kalau nak bagi present for them
for sure you'd want something he would be eternally grateful for, something that would earn remarks like "oh great!" or "OMG! tq Darling! this is just the very thing i needed!!"

But men are not sentimental or man wish when it comes to gifts. as long as they can use it,
the gifts is perfect. But for all you know, men have their favorite gifts such as: ( based on survey)

  • a relaxing massage at the spa complete with a hot bath
  • superb home cooked meals
  • a ticket to the ballgames
  • video games
  • something he can show off
  • power tools
  • DIY kits

gifts like watches, pocket watch accessories, wallets, belt, zippo, and label makers are valued by men who loves gizmo's and fashionable knickknacks. As always, the gifts should be carefully selected to cater to personality and interests.

for me, gifts for your man will always vary according to his shifting interest. Give him what he needs to look and feel better and to keep himself occupied. He will loves everything you give him...Don't worry girlss..hehehe...(i always worry bout it!)


Happy Monthlysary

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