Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Buenos Dias

As usual..how are you guys??? dah hari Rabu dah kan? tak saba nak tunggu Christmas..hopefully santa will come and give me at least satu hadiah daripada wishlist i pun tak pe..hahaha...let me share my 2011 X'mas wishlist a.k.a forefer wishlist part 1...

Fuzy Rahman's X'mas and forever Wishlists part 1

1. Chinchillas


                 Arghh...look at them..so cute kan..i wish santa can send me one...Scientific name: Chinchilla laniger (Molina). Synonyms: Callomys laniger (J. Geoffroi); Ericetus laniger (E. Geoffroi); Eriomys lanigera (Bennett); Lagostomos Chinchilla (Meyen); Mus laniger (Molina). Actually the general appearance of this cute chinchillas is like a rabbit..they got thick head, the long, somewhat stiff whiskers, the large wide ears, rounded off and almost hairless..

2. Ferret

little ferret


This one memang dari 2 years nya x'mas wish..but until now still tak dapat-dapat lagi...it is very important to research this animal as much as you can...cause they are acutually unlike any other pet..they do need a lot of care and they thrive on attenttion.....Ferrets with proper care boleh hidup up to 10 years or more tau!! so,you need to make sure that you can really take care of them..Are you prepare for a long time commitment???


Volkswagen Polo GTi Geneva 2010 Picture #3   

yeahh..this is what i want for now..kalau boleh nak CAYANNE..tapi buat masa terdekat ni kalau blh kumpul duit..pastu kalau tak cukup duit...POLO pun boleh..hehe.


4.  HOUSE...

yang ni tak boleh nak tunjuk gamba..sebab tak sure lagi nak land house or condo..but for the time being i think, lagi prefer condo kot..cause i want my future bf or husband (kalau ada) yang beli land house..tapi kalau tiba-tiba tak de jodoh n hudup single forever maybe baru fikir nak beli land house as a second house..aminnn...


JYEAHHH!!! i bad this is almost everyone punya dreams pun kan..hehe..ada ke orang yang cakap dia tak nak duit??? MADNESS!!! kalau ada orang cakap dia tak suka duit..memang la money is not everything , money can't buy happinees, duit tak menjanjikan apa-apa and bla..bla..bla..but then, without money how can we survive..lagi-lagi zaman sekarang ni kan...without money cam mana nak penuhi wishlits ni...

6. new gadget

iPad 3

Samsung Galaxy note

n ETC...terlalu banyak gadget yang nak..nak iPod and GPs jugak..hehe..

7. Handbags, sport shoes, pump shoes, high heels..

 hurmm..yeah i loves hand bags, sling bags...whatever bags yang cantik-cantik..hehe

part two..to be continue...


Monday, December 19, 2011

holla tuesday..

"Right Kind Of Wrong" 
hi readers...how are you doing?? im not so sure whether i'm good or not ! i'm having some problem with myself which i pun tak faham napa TAK LEH NAK TIDO..adakah ini tanda-tanda awal  sebab terlalu excited nak keja untuk UK nya time??MADNESS!!!.ke tanda-tanda awal nak jadi gila???.selalu paling lewat pun kul 12 dah selamat tido..hiahh...kalau esok cuti tak pe gak!! sometimes, korang mesti penah rasa cam ni kan? experienced what it is like to have trouble falling asleep.. to lie awake in the middle of the night while the rest of us enjoying their sleep.., im not saying yang i tak ngantuk..at this point i  feel super sleepy kot!...my body, mind n soul actually are too exhausted..tapi mata ni tak leh nak tido jugak..pastu bila pagi rasa cam otak ni tak leh nak function! damn it!!! poor quality of sleep can cause me a negative impact..for sure time keja rasa ngantuk, tak happy, tak productive, emotional n etc..

kul 10 jap lagi kena dengar pulak pasal UCP 600 yang tak berapa nak best tu!! hadoihh...kan best kalau esok boleh ponteng...teringat je zaman-zaman study dulu..kalau rasa penat, boleh ponteng class pagi..then class petang baru datang..tak de sapa pun kisah..paling kuat pun lecture tanya "napa tak datang?""mana MC?" hehe..no wonder orang selalu cakap time uni life sangat best! now i admit pasal benda tu! walaupun kena sit for exam, assignment berlambak-lambak..  pastu bila duit dah habis, boleh minta ngan mama and abah..tak pun diorang yang akan automatic bagi..tak yah nak fikir kat mana nak cari duit...kann?? kann....kan...BUT now.bila dah keja...it's our time to return their favor..yeahh!! definitely my time!! (tapi kena bagi masa sikit..hehe)

okay...already 0637....mata still takde tanda2 nak tido..siot ahh!!tp nak rest kan mata jap..good morning world....


Sunday, December 18, 2011

hello monday sweetheart...yeah..its monday blues for me.kesian monday selalu je di benci oleh almost semua orang kan.Don't worry sweetheart..i still love you!!.sekarang ni dah start training n we learn aboout how to do document checking...which soon to be part of my job..to be honest tak faham kot buat benda alah ni...macam2 term yang kena faham kan...susah but then like what people say..take it as positive way kan..n that is what im trying to do sebelum tido n right after bangun tido..tapi sometimes tak berjaya jugak..but at least kita try kan..

okay guys trainer dah masuk..choww..


Thursday, December 15, 2011

happy working day to all!!!!!

better late than never...that is what people said kan..hehe..so what's up readers????? how are you guys??? me?? i'm good as usual..smile latest thing bout me... baru je join SCOPE International as a SIMA trainee for a 2 weeks++ ke 3 weeks cam tu....same goes to alia,juni and to all my new SIMA friends..including you pneh howttt..hehe

not ASS u ME but UNSURE....

Everything i do i'm gonna give all my heart n soul into it...especially when i'm dealing with someones which i consider "someone close" or "someone special" ...but when shitttzz happened over and over again...i don't think that..kita patut bagi apa yang diorang tak deserved dapat..am i rite? LIKE YOU!!! Why don't you tell me earlier dudeupsetupset??? i don't mind kalau you bagi tau! lagi sakit hati kalau tak di beritahu n end up tau dari orang lain!! I've been asking you since the day we started knowing each other! tp asik bagi tau the same answer je! rasa cam orang bodoh kotupsetupsetupsetupsetupsetupset!!

until now i still don't understand why do orang nak sangat jadi penipu??? maybe tak semua..but mostly men that i know semua sama kot!!!(sorry guys if terasa...) ke nasib diri sendiri je yang malang???? not really sure bout that..confused that is why i prefer to be single until now...smile


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

hari malang alia -__-

semalam kekasih hatiku alia nabila mengalami miserable day because:

at first alia tak dapat bersama2 I in same division which is UK international Trade team,  Then we went back from office around 6.45pm we found that alia's car been clamped....shoottt i felt SORRY for my gf =(..pity her...then Pneh was around together with Zairul and me accompany alia to Police Bantuan office for asking discount...

after pujuk and pujuk the police age around (45++years old) alia got discout rm30 from rm50.

then alia went back safely....then she met her McDreamy and durian..

hihihi i just LOVE alia nabila very much tau...i hope she's always happy forever and ever!!!

i love you alia


Thursday, November 24, 2011

hello thursday....how are ya???im good!!extra good for me..hahha..tq fo my brother in law n my dearie sister cause sudi bawa adik dirang ni gi jenjalan before nak start keja...i feel super greatt!!sebab memang dah lama giler nak gi bercuti n at last......hihi (gelak gedik)

well..kitorang baru je lepas swimming n now pja, ery n thaqif boy tgh layan tdo jap..fara tgh layan tab n me..blogging tru pja's ipad...malam ni jom pekena seafood..tp ubat lupa nak bawak...hahaha..but still for sure im gonna enjoy my dinner for today..pedulikkan pasal ubat tu..haha

saya akan upload gamba-gamba sume ni lepas pulang nantiii...nitee..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

shopping is the best therapy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to earn my own salary!! haha..YEAHH!! THERE'S SO MANY THINGssss I WANT TO BUY!! but then again..gaji pun tak de la banyak mana kan...so kena kumpul dulu duit banyak banyak baru boleh beli semua!!! nak rumah, nak bagi mama duit..nak sopping, nak sopping lagi..sopping..sopping...haha..
nothing special on me...

happy birthday Mr.A....

heye!!its Nov 24th...its your birthday Mr.A...HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! enjoy you nigh and make sure you take care of yourself!!!..yaa..i noe..i haven't wish you yet..but at least i remember this date!! kesian you time birthday kena tahan lapar..i want to tapau you something, but then its 3a.m..as like what you said " dah malam sangat"...so...the best solution kalau i lapar sanagt ----> naik atas katil, bukak blanket, peluk Garfield pstu tdo..esok bangun baru makan!! hehe..actually i want to do surprise party for you but then...i don't really think that you suka di surprise kan..sebab last two years..i bought you something n i really want to meet you by that time..tp malang nya..you switch off your phone..too bad for me..at last i just passed that surprise thing to my brother in law pastu baru la bagi kat you..sedih je rasa time tu...ya i still remember it clearly.. last two years... on your birthday tu you baru je touch down then we plan nak gi Hard Rock, pastu i dah siap tunggu you kat Concorde almost 3 hours..you sampai2 je hard rock dah nak tutup...=(
(melepas aku nak berjoget!!) haha..

pastu last year nya birthday..i think i didn't wish you kan??? sebab time tu cm dah tak berapa nak kawan sangat..then..this year...wow wee!! dah lama gak i kenal you kan??? hurmm.... 

Bandar Nusaputra

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Morning...hehehe..semenjak dah tak jadi nanny asik je bangun lambat..=) syoik ouuhhh!!!
lets start with...poor my girlfriend...dia actually ada sikit problem dengan tunang dia..pastu i invite her lepak with me at fara's house..time dia dah betul2 nak sampi rmah farra, dia called cakap dia "fuzy!! ada orang langgar orang!!" i macam "huh"? orang langgar orang? sapa langgar sapa ni? ain langgar dia ke,? dia langgar ain? then ain cakap  "ada motor langgar orang"..ouhh..time tu me n my sister dah dalam keta dah otw nak gi beli goreng pisang for mama n two other cousins dekat rumah...tapi kitorang terus pegi dekat kwn ain...uishhh!!!! teruk nya kereta dia!! kesian giler!! tapi pelik nya motor tu tak depape kot!!! just calar je..ciput je pulak tu calar dia..pelikk!!! yang kereta ain sampi both of pintu belah driver kemek teruk pastu side mirror pun pecah n tercabut....

ouhh..last two days..lepak dekat wangsa maju with talha,hasif and ain...dah lama giler tak lepak cam ni..last lepak pun dua tahun lepas time ain's sister punya wedding..lama giler kot!! sume orang dah beruabah..accept for me..talha dah jadi ustaz, hasif and ain busy bekerja..malam tu kitorang banyak cakap topik-topik agama..lain dari yang selalu..kalau tak asal lepak  je, cakap benda yang merapu2..haha...but its good actually..at least kita tak de la buang masa kan..=)

bandar nusaputra

Saturday, November 12, 2011

whats up everyone? best ke hari sabtu korang? mine was okay okay je...pagi tadi dapat tido kul 1000 pastu terjaga dalam kul 1200, nak try sambung tdo tapi tak lehhhh...sakit giler badan ni!! ni sume pasal exercise melampau semalam...hihi (gatal sangat nak buat semua benda dalam masa satu hari) tapi tak ok la at least i happy....tapi lagi happy kalau blh turus 2 kg satu hari....hahaha

hari ni takde pape menarik yang berlaku...bangun tdo, lepak lepak, gi makan pastu balik umah layan muvie, pastu exercise sikit n now tgh update blog sambil baring baring atas katil ni...pastu jap lagi nak terus tdo...(walaupun tak ngantuk pun lagi)

ada ke sesapa yg gi mofew hari ni? mesti hari nya lagi best kan!!!???uishh nak gi jugakkk!!!tapi tak larat nak jalan dah...mesti hari ni lagi banyak barang barang..sebab semalam barang barang banyak tak sampai lagi...kay ah..tak tau nak tulis apa dah..otak ni cam tak berapa nak berfungsi..night world..mmmuaaahhhhhh...

p/s: nanti kalau rajin i upload gamba barang barang yang sempat beli dekat mofew event semalam k...

puri aiyu

Friday, November 11, 2011

madness but still....

holla everyone...its been two days dah mata ni tak leh nak tido!hari ni me n my cousin pja ktrang buat aktiviti yang sangat menyihatkan badan..pagi pagi lagi ktrg dah gi gym pastu swimming, pastu naik pulak tangga dr bawah smpai tingkat 15...hahaha..dah habis semua tu,mandi mandi then we went to puchong...konon konon plan nak ambik my sister n her son..tp end up ktrg tunggu my brother in law habis keja sebab all 3 of us tak tau jalan nak gi mid valley from puchong...we went there for Mofew event...gilerrr!!!!!sampai je rumah kaki dah tak leh nak gerak dah!! penat sangattttt ouhhh!!!!
but the coolest thing for today, i just find out yang kat malaysian ni rupa rupa nya ada je tempat karaoke yang bukak 24jam!!! cool dowh! tapi tempat dia agak scary n tempat tu actually dibuka secara illigal..pastu balik je karaoke main donkey card pulak..haihhh....n now semua orang pun dah tido...swhich mean i guess, i pun kena paksakan diri untuk tido.....adiosss..mmmuaaahhhhh....

puri aiyu

Thursday, November 10, 2011

hello hello there...
i still cant sleep due to no reasons...so daripada tak tau nak buat apa, jom la kita memblogging...FIST OF ALL NI TAK SURE LA GOOD NEWS KE BAD NEWS..last friday time bosan2, bukak lah blog my sister, then terbaca pasal dia nak benti keja,n now dia dah officially benti.. pastu skrg ni macam dah gelabah giler dok cari kerja...grhhhhh.no more nanny for baby thaqif....tapi tu la kalau nak cari kerja pun, rasa cam nak kerja area cyberjaya,putrajaya,subang or shah alam walaupun mmg dah dapat banyak interview calls kat ampang n kl area..rasa tak best kalau tak dapat jmpa bby boy tu, nanti dia dah tak kenal mummy fuzy dia...tak best nya...

skrg ni dah pukul 0614 n my eyes still tak de tanda tanda mengantukkk...sib baik ada ipad pja..so at least blh la pinjam tuk nk online...cool jugak benda alah ni ouhh!!sbb puas mata nak membaca compared to kalau nak blogging via blackberry....sakit mata nak tgk screen....tq pja..hehe...

hurm....i wonder apa agak2nyaa my MR.A tengah buat?hehe...dah lama tak jumpa you....i think he must be busy with his works..since my brother in law pon tgh busy kan..so mesti you pun busy..hari ni tak whats app pun dgn you, sbb takut nanti you tak layan i,sbb you busy sangat.. to be honest, i still cant find any specific reason kenapa i suka you...sbb to be honest takde la pulak rasa dia treat me super well.kengkadang tu ada je dia ignore n agak selalu jugak la kot..penat gak nak fikir kenapa boleh suka dia...sbb ferret ngan ular ke? takkan lah kot....itu time first2 dulu je..lagipun ktrg bukan nya selalu jmpa,call, or even msg each other hurm...weirdoo!!tapi tu la..at this moment, his the only men who can makes me feels like how i feel right now which i pun tak sure apa yg i rasa...hahahaa..

okay lah, dah tak tau nak tulis apa, tp kalau ikut kan macam banyak je lagi nak tulis pasal MR.A....tapi takut nanti orang nak muntah pulak baca pasal dia..hahaa..chowww..good morning to all n good night to me....muahhh


Monday, November 07, 2011

happy birthday in advance to

my gorgeoussss..!!

nanat nangis...hehe..sorry dear..

me n my sister..

teacher hani...
lunch with kocak n nanat..

yeahh!! here you go!! 

okay first of all..lets talk about the day before my graduation day...which is on 28 Oct..ya..memang tak de sesapa punya birthday time tu..but then me n my hunny kocak we plan nak buat surprise bday party tuk my dear nanat in advance since dia pun dah ada kat KUALA LUMPURRRR...hehe..kalau tak ntah bila lagi nak jumpa si nanat ni pun tak tau..so alang2 tu mula plan nak buat gempak punya surprise..haha..pastu boleh pulak si nanat ni merajuk di sebab kan dia tak dapat nak join me n my hunn kocak berbisik-bisik...hehe.sorry nanat...=) at last it end up with i asked my sister, farra n my brother in law, ery...ouhh and baby thaqif skali..suruh dorang ni gi beli kan cake je...

lepas diorang dah balik rupanya ada lagi satu surprise for me pulak.which actually kocak nak celebrate my belated birthday n upcoming birthday for nanat.OHHH!! no wonder la malam tu kocak asked me to jaga upstairs..konon2 suruh tgk nanat buat apala..jaga lampu la...hehe..so sweettt..i tak perasan langsung kocak.=D n yeah to be honest memang i terkejut jugak.. thanks to all of you..kocak, farra, ery n thaqif..hehe...n..HAPPY BIRTHDAY in ADVANCE to NADZIRAH a.k.a NANAT...I do loves you girls so muchhxxx!!!!


Okay..ada lagi satu birthday orang yang kita celebrate awal, kalau tak bday dia is on 8th November....my baby brother amer....last night me, mama, abah n adik we went for dinner at apa tah nama nya kat stapak tu.. buffet steamboat...n its too bad sebab my sister, bro in law n baby thaqif tak dapat join..tapi nak buat cammana, sebab abah tetap nak blanja smlam juga..hihi..=D and yeah kau pun dah dapat bday present kau kan dik?? hopefully you enjoy your new gadget baby!! haha..love you alwaysss...