Thursday, December 15, 2011

not ASS u ME but UNSURE....

Everything i do i'm gonna give all my heart n soul into it...especially when i'm dealing with someones which i consider "someone close" or "someone special" ...but when shitttzz happened over and over again...i don't think that..kita patut bagi apa yang diorang tak deserved i rite? LIKE YOU!!! Why don't you tell me earlier dudeupsetupset??? i don't mind kalau you bagi tau! lagi sakit hati kalau tak di beritahu n end up tau dari orang lain!! I've been asking you since the day we started knowing each other! tp asik bagi tau the same answer je! rasa cam orang bodoh kotupsetupsetupsetupsetupsetupset!!

until now i still don't understand why do orang nak sangat jadi penipu??? maybe tak semua..but mostly men that i know semua sama kot!!!(sorry guys if terasa...) ke nasib diri sendiri je yang malang???? not really sure bout that..confused that is why i prefer to be single until


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