Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back again

back again..
hehehe..i just ym with him..
dah agak dah..mesti die camtu nye..
die ckp nak dota..msg panjang2 die reply satu je..
not like last time..
sometimes yes..sangat5x terase dgn the way he treat me..
hehehe..wat can i do....
any idea?

sometimes when i think back bout it..
rase cam lelaki ni elok tak yah couple...
bia je dorang cam tu...
time b4 couple sume dorang sanggup buat kan?
but den...sape nak sume tu?

stop mumbling...
im tired..
nak tido..

stop mumbling

Just went back..

haihh..just went back from Bukit Bintang..
damn tired..owhh btw his online now..n her too..
hahaha..watever..for sure both of them chatting...
but not with me..the girl maybe....damn sibukk..
ask me question tak masuk akall...!i don't want to layan her..
malas nak cari pasal...malss..malss..mlss..

hurmm...okay..lets talk about something else...
ape ye...?? owhh..tomorrow i might be going to astro ntuk meeting..
den after tat, i plan to go salon n color my hair...tapi tak sure lagi...

one more thing glad to say tat skarg saye dah ade ramai admire..
wahhahaha..i tot nobody likes silap..
got 2 Chinese boy n 2 malay
tp i love my darlingV...(sorry guys)

love you

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


sepertimana yang semua orang tahu tanggal 31 ogos adalah hari yang bersejarah bagi M' marilah kite reramai menyambut dan memeriahkan lagi hari bersejarah let me start with my poem..
walaupn masih awal untuk merdekakan..
Take a Moment To Thank Them
When you see someone in a uniform
Someone who serves us all,
Doing military duty,
Answering their country’s call,
Take a moment to thank them
For protecting what you hold dear
Tell them you are proud of them
Make it very clear.
Just tap them on the shoulder,
Give a smile,
and say,
"Thanks for what you’re doing
To keep us safe in the MALAYSIA!"
I Miss You

I miss you in the morning,
I miss you late at night,
But I know what you are doing
Is good and just and right.
You’re always in my thoughts
I hope that you have the same thoughts..
love you


waiting for my brother to fetch me..
1 hour ago die kat national lib den 30mint td call balik kat istana budaya..
WHUT??? kul brape nak balik ni?
ni lah M'sia..jammed, jammed, jammed..ade bnyk jalan pn still jam..
tak paham!! nak tunggu sampai kul brape pun tak tau..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


why should i call him?
kalau dah tau layanan die nanti cam mane?
why? why?
i should't called him just now...
i wish i can sleep for a while..
just to forget bout wat he did to me..
n wake up with a new day..
takde lagi kekusutan dalam otak ni..

if you guys perasan la kan..
dalam blog ni asik ckp pasal HIM je kan?
why should i do dis?
sebab...kalau nak ckp sendiri dengan die..memang tak dapat lah..
susah sangat10x...
i want him to noe how i tu lah..susah..
so dalam blog ni la..segala nye..
nak cakap je gadoh..penat la cam ni..

im tired of fighting..
being cool is no use!!
people said tat im too soft n too cool...
but come on guys.takkanla nak control everything?
im not tat type of girl..but yes...sometimes we need to control them..
or gonna b like me..
so my advice..if you wanna control ur bf pls do it in the early relationship..
dont be like me..



Not much for today..
lazy to blog...hehe..

Should tomorrow start without me??
Remember I love you all..
Looking down from up above
Seeing everything you do.
(n maybe i will kacau you all!!)

bla..bla..bla...kehilangan banyak idea akibat cirit birit yang dialami baru2 ini...
grhh...owh..amira's going back on tomorrow sad...when we gonna meet again?
maybe after one or two years ya? haihhh....

It Doesn’t Seem Enough

I want to tell you "Thank you",
But it doesn’t seem enough.
Words don’t seem sufficient
"Blah, blah" and all that stuff.
Please know I have deep feelings
About your generous act.
I really appreciate you darling
You’re special,
and that’s a fact!
still loving you

should i OR should i not?

should i or should i not tell you guys?
dis is bout my personal problem with my darling..
hehehe..banyak tol dugaan aku kan?? cakp nak g clubbing esok..
i nak ikut..but den baby tak bagi...
jahat tak i kalau tak bagi die g?(jahat kan?)
im not actually halang him..tapi i nak die g with me..
like tam n his cute..go clubbing together..
nape baby tak macam tu? is he still want me?
haihhhh....(opss popo ckp tak elok "haihh" cam tu...)

owhh..lupe..tadi g meeting t IKON..jumpa Aira..the meeting is like damn boring..ngantok giler babi siot!! den after meeting, went to Pavilion..pastu BB..hari yg panjang dan memenatkan. owhh..thanks for the shirt..i do really like it!!
(Cantik dowh!)

to my babyV..i'm so so sorry for everything..i'm not good enough for you..
but i tryed to be good all the time..i just wat him to know
that i do really loves him..n no wan can replace his place..
takde no2 nye babyV,or DarlingV,Gorgeous..
i don't want blue umblrella boy..
i just wat Varren..
tats it.

kepada sesape yang memabace blog ini..pls don't tell babybout my blog address ya..
tq. kerjasama anda di hargai..hehehe..
baby have fun tomorrow kay..i wish i can go with you..
tapi u tak nak i ikut kan?
no use to paksa u..

be good!

Hold me close and don't let me go.
I'm so scared to be alone.
I've been by myself for too long
and always had to be strong
now i only want to rest
and lay my head on your chest
hold me close and don't let me go.
These wars i fight no one knows.
Now whisper how much you love me,
Say it tender and softly.
i am weary and soon will sleep.
But with you no longer will i weep.
So hold me close and don't let me go.
For i never want to be alone without you by my side.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Welcome to the family
from left fara, jazzy, not sure, dol, pja, not sure me n myV
jazzy fairuz n ery
shy guy

fara n mira
jazz n me
mira n me

okAy here you are..our reunion pictures at Scarlet on Friday nite last week...ya..i really enjoyed it!! at first sume orang cam agak boring..amirah,jazz, fara, pija,faizal n azam looking for dance floor..tapi tak kat scarlet mane ade..scarlet free you can dance wherever you guys like...kan darling kan? so we lepak for a while..minum2..chit-chat2..after 12 something like that then only we had fun!!

V, josh and Fairuz
love you


okay good morning everyone..
last nite i had dinner at atok's house..
after tat atok bring us to the nearest mamak..
pity Faizal..he have to handle so many things in M'sia
since Uncle Joy n Aunt Siti is not around..
Giler his telephone bill around RM7K plus..tapi die tak guna phone langsung..uncle joy yang call die selalu..den he got saman for rm500 sebab tak potong all the lalang..(dis one neighbour complain la nie!!sibuk je!!!~!) he got court for electricity bill...giler ape M'sia ni?
tp time tu his not in Malaysia.his doing his practical kat Bosnia..So last nite semua orang try to settle up Faizal's case..hehehe..(Aunty kakak, Uncle Azhar, Atok, Mama n Abah)
okay! okay! semalam nye citer habis!! so for today..
jap lagi g meeting den after meeting tak sure g mane..owhhh
forgot bout my darlingV..his in the cruise rite now...Bestnye...slalau berangan nak g sane..
den had a romantic candle lite romantic..but baby went there for gambling..kan baby kan? (macam die bace je!~)
i want to get a car..tapi b4 nk beli kete..aku nak belikan die puppy!!..
tats more important!! n go for vacation.. many things to do..
tapi tak de duit!~
love you

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm at office rite now..
doing paper cutting..boring~
tp skarang Olynn continue my work..tq Olynn..
Syed as usual bz with his PC..doing recording eh not recording his checking the music i think.
Sofiea urmm..kat Along nye PC..
i started to counting days..
when can i meet him again?
maybe on Friday..lamenye lagi..:(
i wanna be with him everyday..cook for him..(i wish i can cook!!) kemas laundry..waiting for him to come back..give him a kiss..hug him..haihhh...WAKE UP GIRL!! (am i dreaming?) STOP DREAMING DARLING..but ya..he's bz with studying n I'm bz with working..
Friday is the only day tat we free....(i think)
i wanna go somewhere with him..i mean like vacation just for two of the beach..waaa!!!bestnyne!!bestnye!!have to start saving starting from now..maybe Bali is a good place for us..ya..i wanna go there on December!! start saving Fuzy!! RM2000 enough or not?
Tomorrow kena ikut Syed meeting kat IKON ke ICON (tak sure spelling die)..i don't know where's exactly the place..but i have to dress formal..(malasnye!!~) sebab tu darling called me lazy girl..
OWHH!! I haven't get my blood result yet..lambat giler dowh!!
haha..pray for me kay...
love me

holla...i just woke up..haha..(lambatnye!~)
last nite i went to scarlet again..meaning tat i went there for 2 nites
in a week..Friday with all my cousins, darlingV and his friends..
Den Saturday went there again with uncle David and all his "brothers" babyV brothers too....hehhehe..lalala~(mati aku kalau baby bace!)
i will upload all the picture nanti kay...sebab blm kumpulkan lagi gamba2 tu sume..
ape lagi eh??
later la..chow..

love you

Friday, August 22, 2008


huh!!i hate selfish person!!
tats all you know..always like that!!
bile orang buat marah!!


Good evening everyone..
first of all...i didn't go to work today... on leave...

tonite im going to scarlet with all my cousins and my baby v..
yaayyy!!party before fasting..hehehe..
sure im going to download our picture by tomorrow..
tak saba rasenye..cos dis is like reunion for us..

update with you tomorrow kay..

love you

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Morning..morning..morning everyone..
before i start for today' story let me continue a bit bout what happen last nite..
hehehe..after i shout down my PC, i called my Darling V for one more time..
but his busy "snookering" with his mummy, uncle Lee, Joshua n Peter..he said tat he will call
me after finish his "snookering"..haihh..i tot he won't call me but i was wrong for last nite..
he called me..yaayy!! I don't know why i still waiting for my Darling V..why should i love tins person named Varren Ng Chi Ian??why him? why not you? hahaha..

Okay..enough for last nite..Lets start with today's gossips..hari ni sampi office awal n im alone..waiting for someone to come..maybe Olynn or Sara..cos both of them have the access card..tapi Mr Chan sampai dulu..thank God..tak yah nak tunggu kat lua lame2..dahla heavy rain outside..rase cam nak tdo je..ZzZzZzzz

after like half an hour like tat Sofia call me..die soh ambik die kat bus stop mane tah..hehehe..sorry sofia i really don't know where is tat place..i dah turun tp tgk u tak de..haha..
cian Sofia..but at last she's went up with Sara..

tak de org pun kat office..Record side semua g Sabah.. accept for Syed, n dorg masuk petang..ater lunch like me n Sofia for today..Olynn kat Talent department..can't wait for my lunch time..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


hehehe..not much for today..i went to work as usual..heavy rain for today..i fell like Zzzzzz...:)

ggrrhh..stress2x..i called my darling v just now..i can't believe tat he said "i tak de mood nakckp dgn u sekarang" OMG..y people change so fast? i hate changes!! my darling v acting like someone i really don't know him..sometimes he can b very loving den suddenly acting like dragon..
not like last time..he always called me whenever i need him..he called me all the time....what is wrong with him now? i mean with our relationship now?? i am very he still loving me or not?GOD..plsss help me..Maybe because of her i think..i hate her so damn much...(fairuz jagan ckp macam tu, its not good to hate someone!!)

far away far away

From this world with cruel people
to start my new life in a new place
where the water is blue and the people are all new and nice
to another island, to another peace place
no more worries and no more tears
im tired of crying all days n nite for him
GOD please help me..
there's a boy next to me and he never will be anything
but always in my heart..
i will NEVER EVER forget about him..
cos he is my love, my EVERYTHING

once againt i wanna go far far away from this place..


i better go to sleep or else...aku akan mengarut lagi..hehe..
dis is not mengarut actually..this is wat people called "luahan perasaan"
am i rite? haha

so good night everyone...
i love you darling v...muahhxx...
take care..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Celebrity Fitness

Olynn and Sofia

AF6 Members, ning baizura, Freddie Fernandez, and Press

bz doing all filing things

Maestro staff..

My first Event which is AF6 Workshop...

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Surprise Birday Party

Varren and Fuzy

Sayang and Me
Darling V, Fuzy Wuzzy, Abby Debby n Marry Demmy

darling buat surprise birthday party for me..
we went to scarlet last night with my darling v, Abby n gf, wan, Joshua, Fairuz, Fatin n bf, mummy n uncle david..hehehe..

it is not like wat i aspect.. i tot my birthday will be like nothing..but at least something kan??
tq sayang...i really appreciate it..sayang gave me a nice birthday card, my little brother gave me an ipot, fairuz lak bagi big lolly pop, and wan ermm...ape tah..hehehe.and mummy v gave me angpau RM200..tq everyone..tq so muchhhh...

here some photos...

Friday, August 08, 2008

My 21st Birthday

Happy birthday to me..
happy birthday to me..
happy birthday to Fuzy..
Happy birthday to me...

hey is my 21st birthday..(080808)
nothing much for today..i wanna sleep early today..
my sister called me just now..
hahaha....n i dun have plan for tomorrow...

Minta maaf kerana tidak menjawab semua panggilan hari ini..
hehehe...i just waiting for my darling V to wish me...
but i noe it wont happen..zzZZZZ...nite everyone..

big girl don't cry..haha..

love you