Saturday, August 09, 2008

Surprise Birday Party

Varren and Fuzy

Sayang and Me
Darling V, Fuzy Wuzzy, Abby Debby n Marry Demmy

darling buat surprise birthday party for me..
we went to scarlet last night with my darling v, Abby n gf, wan, Joshua, Fairuz, Fatin n bf, mummy n uncle david..hehehe..

it is not like wat i aspect.. i tot my birthday will be like nothing..but at least something kan??
tq sayang...i really appreciate it..sayang gave me a nice birthday card, my little brother gave me an ipot, fairuz lak bagi big lolly pop, and wan ermm...ape tah..hehehe.and mummy v gave me angpau RM200..tq everyone..tq so muchhhh...

here some photos...

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