Tuesday, August 26, 2008

should i OR should i not?

should i or should i not tell you guys?
dis is bout my personal problem with my darling..
hehehe..banyak tol dugaan aku kan??
haihhh...baby cakp nak g clubbing esok..
i nak ikut..but den baby tak bagi...
jahat tak i kalau tak bagi die g?(jahat kan?)
im not actually halang him..tapi i nak die g with me..
like tam n his gf..so cute..go clubbing together..
nape baby tak macam tu? is he still want me?
haihhhh....(opss popo ckp tak elok "haihh" cam tu...)

owhh..lupe..tadi g meeting t IKON..jumpa Aira..the meeting is like damn boring..ngantok giler babi siot!! den after meeting, went to Pavilion..pastu BB..hari yg panjang dan memenatkan. owhh..thanks for the shirt..i do really like it!!
(Cantik dowh!)

to my babyV..i'm so so sorry for everything..i'm not good enough for you..
but i tryed to be good all the time..i just wat him to know
that i do really loves him..n no wan can replace his place..
takde no2 nye babyV,or DarlingV,Gorgeous..
i don't want blue umblrella boy..
i just wat Varren..
tats it.

kepada sesape yang memabace blog ini..pls don't tell babybout my blog address ya..
tq. kerjasama anda di hargai..hehehe..
baby have fun tomorrow kay..i wish i can go with you..
tapi u tak nak i ikut kan?
no use to paksa u..

be good!

Hold me close and don't let me go.
I'm so scared to be alone.
I've been by myself for too long
and always had to be strong
now i only want to rest
and lay my head on your chest
hold me close and don't let me go.
These wars i fight no one knows.
Now whisper how much you love me,
Say it tender and softly.
i am weary and soon will sleep.
But with you no longer will i weep.
So hold me close and don't let me go.
For i never want to be alone without you by my side.

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