Thursday, August 21, 2008


Morning..morning..morning everyone..
before i start for today' story let me continue a bit bout what happen last nite..
hehehe..after i shout down my PC, i called my Darling V for one more time..
but his busy "snookering" with his mummy, uncle Lee, Joshua n Peter..he said tat he will call
me after finish his "snookering"..haihh..i tot he won't call me but i was wrong for last nite..
he called me..yaayy!! I don't know why i still waiting for my Darling V..why should i love tins person named Varren Ng Chi Ian??why him? why not you? hahaha..

Okay..enough for last nite..Lets start with today's gossips..hari ni sampi office awal n im alone..waiting for someone to come..maybe Olynn or Sara..cos both of them have the access card..tapi Mr Chan sampai dulu..thank God..tak yah nak tunggu kat lua lame2..dahla heavy rain outside..rase cam nak tdo je..ZzZzZzzz

after like half an hour like tat Sofia call me..die soh ambik die kat bus stop mane tah..hehehe..sorry sofia i really don't know where is tat place..i dah turun tp tgk u tak de..haha..
cian Sofia..but at last she's went up with Sara..

tak de org pun kat office..Record side semua g Sabah.. accept for Syed, n dorg masuk petang..ater lunch like me n Sofia for today..Olynn kat Talent department..can't wait for my lunch time..

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