Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just went back..

haihh..just went back from Bukit Bintang..
damn tired..owhh btw his online now..n her too..
hahaha..watever..for sure both of them chatting...
but not with me..the girl maybe....damn sibukk..
ask me question tak masuk akall...!i don't want to layan her..
malas nak cari pasal...malss..malss..mlss..

hurmm...okay..lets talk about something else...
ape ye...?? owhh..tomorrow i might be going to astro ntuk meeting..
den after tat, i plan to go salon n color my hair...tapi tak sure lagi...

one more thing glad to say tat skarg saye dah ade ramai admire..
wahhahaha..i tot nobody likes silap..
got 2 Chinese boy n 2 malay
tp i love my darlingV...(sorry guys)

love you

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