Friday, November 28, 2008

Saturday - 8:37 a.m.



Ain Shaffiza
Ikim baby
Samuel in the middle.

Kenapa lah mata ni tak leh nak tutup lagi? haihhh...
i just come back from swimming...
hhahhaha..swimming at 5.30 in the morning????
yes...tat is wat we did today...
crazyyy!!!!!!!!..Ini memang kerja giler!!im still shaking now dude!!(raining some more)
actually tak plan pn nak g swimming..sbb first2 lepak2 at hartamas..owhh kitorg siap jmpa kawan baru lagi..his name is Samuel n his from Mauricio's dan beberapa lagi kwn Sam ni...(sorry saye lemah nak ingat nama org ni)..After Hartamas we went to Bukit Permai (ingat nak lepak but den hujan..) so lupakan!!! after Bukit Permai g ambik barang jap..:( (dun ask me ambik barang ape) lepas dah berdrama dalam ujan...dorg tanye nak g mane den i straight away ckp "i want swimming plsss"...hahaha...(tq guyss) i really love you!!
no wounder until now my eyes cannot close..(fresh la kononnye!~)
tq to all my friends...tq to Hasif, Ain, Ikim and Black kerana sudi menemankan kawan die yg giler di tengah2 pagi buta untuk berenang!!tq Black sebab g kat tempat tu!! i really wanna go to tat place u noe!! (rumah2 kat depan Ampang Walk tu!! damn nice dowhhh) i really3x appreciate it guys!!

What I am to you is not real!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

grhh..minggu ni asik melepak je keja..pastu balik rumah pun sangat lambat...
Semalam 'first2' Ain dengan i teman Fara 'n' Ery jmpa 'designer' baju diorang..
Amir Lokman..(uishh die giler cun dowh Amir ni!!) dekat Subang Parade..dari kul 10 p.m. sampi kul 11.40 p.m. ( tunggu si Hasif lembab sangat)

lepas tu...Ain, Hasif and i chow...kami ke destinasi seterusnye....Hartamas...haha..
(nak bincang pasal kerja la konon2nye) Lepak punya lepak...kawan Ain pun sampai si Black n his cousin sape tah name die...dalam kul 2 cam tu kitorang berpindah tempat ke Asia Cafe pulak...


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I went for my first interview with Ain..
tapi menghampakan...hihi..(Ain je yg dapat) congratulation Ain..(10% tau)
hahaha..the girl who interviewed me say tat 'im to girlish' for tat position..haha..watever!~

Suddenly i feel my heart empty..i need to him..
need to shared my sadness with him..
I've been feeling this emptiness for sometime
Trying to make my life busy..
But my world has been so crazy lately...
Living without u is like living without water...

Baby I miss u
I need to be back in your arms
I've never stopped loving u
My heart is where u belong
And for heaven and earth pass away
God please show me what to do
Tell me what to say
Cause we've come to far to let it slip away
Cause we've come to far to let it slip away

Couldn't understand many things in my life
And what u meant to me
I don't wanna be alone no more
So then my heart can take it
That weeks have past
Since you've been gone
That I've thought that I could make it

Baby I miss u
I need to be back in your arms
I've never stopped loving u
My heart is where u belong
Baby don't know what else to say or do
Its hard to get through every night and everyday
Knowing u gonna walk away from me
Its killing me inside
Feeling so strong I can't hide
So God help me get through trying times
I'll do anything to have u back in my life

Baby I miss u

I Realize, It Just My Mind

why should i think bout him?
why should i cried for him?
what did i done to myself?
i don't wanna be psycho!!
i'm not that crazy!!
Why don't you understand
Yeah you don’t understand
How it feels to love a girl someday
You wish you were a better man
You don’t listen to her
You don’t care how it hurts
Until you lose the one you wanted
Cause you’ve taken her for granted
And everything I've plan got destroyed
But you’re just a boy n u never gonna understand...
yes..i will love you like i love you yesterday..
my love for you will never die!!!!

ahhh!!!(takke giler name ni?) haih...

Thought I heard your voice yesterday
When I turned around to say
That I loved you baby
I realize, it was jusT my mind
Played tricks on me

And it seems colder lately at night
And I try to sleep with the lights on
Every time the phone rings
I pray to God it's you
And I just can't believe
That we're through

I miss you
There's no other way to say it
And I can't deny it
I miss you
It's so easy to see
I miss you and me

Is it turning over this time
Have we really changed our minds about each other's love
All the feelings that we used to share
I refuse to believe
That you don't care

I miss you
There's no other way to say it
And I, and I can't deny it
I miss you
It's so easy to see
I miss you and me

I've got to gather myself as together
I've been through worst kinds of weather
If it's over now
Then I'll be strong
Can't believe that you're gone
I've got to carry over

I miss you
There's no other way to say it
And I, and I can't deny it
I miss you
It's so easy to see
I miss you and me

Oh there's no other way to say it
I can't deny it
I miss you baby
It's so easy to see
I miss you and me

Oh no other way to say it
I miss you baby
There's no other
That you're deprived of me now
That you're deprived of me now
I miss you
Said I can't deny it
I, I, I, I miss you baby
It's so easy to see
I miss you and me

Because i Love Him!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This time was different
Felt like, I was just a victim
And it cut me like a knife
When you walked out of my life
Now i'm, in this condition
And i've, got all the symptoms
Of a girl with a broken heart
But no matter what you'll never see me cry

Did it happen when we first kissed
Cause it's hurting me to let it go
Maybe cause we spent so much time
And I know that it's no more
I should never let you hold me baby
Maybe why i'm sad to see us apart
I didn't give to you on purpose
Gotta figure out how you stole my heart

My mind is gone, i'm spinning round
And deep inside, my tears i'll drown
I'm losing grip, what's happening
I stray from love, this is how I feel

Yummy! Yummy!! delicious!! i lurve chocolate!!
hehe..byk nye chocolate bulan ni..hihi..gemuk la sye bulan ni nampaknye..

owhhh..btw add me at my new account..:)


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Last night i had fun with my friends and besties..glad to meet them last night (rindu sgt2!)
tq Hasif for coming..tq Fatin, tq Nadia n her 2 other friends...hihihi..(gee n ??)

Hasif and me..(while waiting for Nadia to come)
me and Fatin
Fatin college friend..she's in a relationship with Haris...good for her!
lelaki ni name die hasif tp suka digelar sbgai cheep bodo...hihihi...die bru je break dgn gf die..
gf yg 'ngade2' tak pe cheep..move on kay...u deserve perempuan yg lagi baik den her!!!okay???
Okay tat's friend since form 2...die la yg banyak mengajar kerja2 jahat ni..(kan nadia?) hahaha....she just broke mamang patut pn kalau die nak break...her e'x tu giler mental, psycho and damn crazy!!!!!! ade ke patut die pukul2, tumbuk2,tarik rambut sume..den die lupa ape die buat kat Nadia..(tak ke mental tu?) giler!~


Monday, November 17, 2008

yaayyy!! berjaya masak nuggets for adik n hash brown..wahahahah...proud of myself..
(big clap for me) walaupun hangit dan rumah pn berkepuk asap..huhu..
nice try!!! okay skrg dah pukul 8.40 a.m.
zzzZZZ.....gud nite semua...

dead meat.
18 nov 08 - 08.43
Good Morning Malaysia..
hahah..i haven't sleepy yet..
just doing some 'muhasabah diri' gonna move on with my life..
no turning back! walau mcm mane susah must goes on kan?
g lantak ngan sume org..sampai bile nak bersedih kan?
passed is a passed...tak guna pn nak bersedih dkt org yg tak 'berhati perut'.
kalau boleh nak je kumpul kan all the memories in the big plastic bag den burn it!!
memang ianye akan menggambil masa untuk membakar..but tat's it..lepas bakar tinggal debu je..tak yah nak simpan2 lagi....:) (ape yg aku ngarut ni?) going to delete all my account..(facebook,myspace,friendster,ym and msn)
so i just continue with my blog...(for ym n msn i'm gonna do my new id) so i will add you guys. dun worry..n i'm about to change my phone number..(tp tak jmpa num yg best lagi~)

Dis is what im gonna do now:-
  1. Delete all my account
  2. Change my ym n msn id
  3. Buy new sim card/Change new number
  4. Get a job
  5. Savings
  6. Rock climbing
  7. Aerobic class
  8. Dancing class
  9. Nak kuruss!!
  10. Involve with my sister wedding preparation
  11. Vacation
  12. Get my life back!
tats all for now kot..tak dapat nak berfikir lagi..sbb dah terlalu pagi...hihi
bercakap pasal my sister wedding..titibe je hati sedih..
grhh..fara nak dekat kawin dah...cepat nye masa berlalu...
im not saying tat fara tak leh kawin..boleh mesti nanti she gonna change kan?
sbb dah ade husband...i love you fara!!!!

yaayyy!!!dah 6;24 a.m. jap lagi nak hanta mama..den make brakefast ntk my baby brother..(ye2 je) den going to Aliya house (kalau larat)..I'm going to make my day busy.

im listen to the Sean Lennon song - 'dead meat'

Dead meat,
Don't you know you're dead meat?
You just messed with the wrong team
Better not try and fall asleep now.

You better run out of here
I'll close my eyes and count to ten
and then I'll come find you.

You're gonna get what you deserve
Gonna get what you deserve
In the end you're gonna learn
Oh, you'll get what you deserve.

Too much now you know too much
Only one choice you leave for us
Do you think they'll believe us, or you?

Hope you realise this isn't a game
You know the price, okay?
Oh, your life could be chaos.

You're gonna get what you deserve
Gonna get what you deserve
In the end you're gonna learn
Oh, you'll get what you deserve.

but i don't think i get wat i deserve here!! haha..yes this is only a game...
and i loose n yet i'm not a looser!!!....dun worry bout me!! chill girl!!

sangat rojak dan berterabur blog kali ni...hahaha..sorry readers...hihi..
anggaplah blog kali ini sebahagian daripada sesi luahan perasaan..

good by sadness!!

damn it!! time kat blog ni tak betul!!
haha..18 Nov 08 7:16 a.m
Don't hold yourself like that
You'll hurt your knees
I kissed your mouth and back
But that's all I need
Don't build your world around volcanoes melt you down

What I am to you is not real
What I am to you you do not need
What I am to you is not what you mean to me
You give me miles and miles of mountains
And I'll ask for the sea

Don't throw yourself like that
In front of me
I kissed your mouth your back
Is that all you need?
Don't drag my love around volcanoes melt me down

What I am to you is not real
What I am to you you do not need
What I am to you is not what you mean to me
You give me miles and miles of mountains
And I'll ask for what I give to you
Is just what i'm going through
This is nothing new
No no just another phase of finding what I really need
Is what makes me bleed
And like a new disease she's still too young to treat
Volcanoes melt me down
She's still too young
I kissed your mouth
You do not need me

Damien Rice - volcano-

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Oh yeah baby
You got to make your mind up
Yeah, Kut Klose, hear me out

You know you are my lover
You got me twisted over you
I know I got what you need
So what you wanna do

Baby, baby I know
Baby I love you so
But you don't feel like I do
Tell me what can I do

But I gotta be strong
You did me wrong
When I thought that we were really down
So you say you want me
Make up your mind
Cuz I'm not gonna be here for long

Baby, baby in time
Baby I know you'll find
That what you needed was here
And think about it my dear

Breaking up down
You got me twisted
Thinking about the way that things use to be
When It was you and me girl I was so free
See you had my life
Like Cupid and I was just down right foolish and stupid
But now I know the reason for the pain and the headaches
You left me all alone now I can't even concentrate
I guess I'll wait for the day until you come back
Because my heart is where your love is at
You got me twisted

this song remind me of him
what should i do now?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

yaayy!! Neo dah kelua rumah..
dah makan...
but still not active..
takpe neo..slow2 kay..
take care ya...

:-P tak leh tdo...
grrhhh...ape ni??

nite2 sume..muahhh..


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dun worry bout me..
soon or later everything gonna be fine..

Sifting through the memories
Of the times you were with me
Now they seem so very long ago
All the good and bad
All the happy and sad
Made me who I am

Never took for granted that you'd be with me forever
I was always hoping
That somehow you'd stay
Written in the stars in the heavens above
I would send my prayers but

When you walked away
Something deep inside of me sees
I'm Heartbroken

Everyday is a mystery for me
Wondering if love will find me
Will I ever open my heart again
Will the pain subside
Disappear in the night
Bringing hope in the time 'cause

Neo..pls come back to normal!!
wat happen tp him??? baby??
dah la perangai die hari ni teramat pelik
siap blh pegang2 die sume..n die tak kisah langsung.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

grhhh..what happen to my son neo?
sakit, murung..x nak makan..
i went to my sister hse last nite..
den balik je rumah mama soh tgk neo..
ma ckp neo demam..merajuk tak nak mkn..
die tau ke tuan die pn sedy?
cian neo...

dun worry neo..
we'll be fine..
be strong kay..

pls be active back..

Having fun with 'THE MONSTERS'

Finally i went out last night. I'm having fun with Fara, Harry and Anand.The story goes like this, I am bored-to-death yesterday and as usual i will on my notebook and 'Buzz'ing anyone who's online. Luckily I saw my sister, fara online at that particular time.So i BUZZed her and hoping that she will reply my msg..and she did, but a bit slow cuz she's kinda bz at that moment. Well she did asked "how's your day?"..and i said," not too bad, dah nak jadi gile dah ni".

and i asked her to lepak with me. but she said she got loads of work and in fact her company will be having a movie-day-out on monday! haha..what a company! all of the staff can leave at 3pm and off to The Curve cuz the movie is at 4.30pm. So she said, there's no way she's going to pick me up in KL from her office in Cyberjaya and then drive back to The Curve , Damansara.

Biler fikir2 balik, betol jugak kan? menyusahkan die jer. So,i pon kembali la menjadi gile. Tak tau nak buat ape.No one too talked to, and kepala plak asyik teringat kan si lelaki tu dan segala memori indah. Hancur hati biler Fara tak leh datang amik i kat rumah.Ape nak buat? huhu...main ngan Neo jer la..Die pon dah tak larat nak tengok muke monyok dan mata yg sembam ni lagi dah..kan Neo kan? So, i continued my routine which is, BUZZing people and thinking of him! grrhhh...why must thinking bout him? damn it!!

An hour later, guess what?? Fara called and asked me to get ready cuz she's goin to pick and we're going out! YEAY!!! Only GOD knows how happy I am at that moment! So, i quickly changed, called my momasking permission to go out with fara and by 4pm fara is already here. =)We went to The Curve, to watched movie,(* we watched a free movie called BURN, a Thailand movie.),because Fara doesnt wanna watch Quantum Of Solace with her officemates and her boss for some reasons.hehe..I dont wanna bug her with her office thingy.

After the movie, we went to optical shop because Anand wanted to buy a new glasses for himself.We spent almost 2 hours in that shop just to choose one glasses for him. haha...and finally he chose glasses from OAKLEY. Nicey..Owh, do u guys notice that i wore a glasses in the pictures. Was it nice?It's actually my sister's FENDI.. nice huh? And maybe fara will get me Ferragamo for me for my bday next year. I like that particular Ferragamo glasses..(i forgot to take the picture..sorry..its very unique and stylish yet elegant!Tak saba rasenyer..or maybe GUCCI..boleh tak fara? hehe..boleh kan? yeay!!!

Done with the optical shopping, we went SHOPPING of course! Definitely I NEED A RETAIL THERAPHY.. So I bought a pair of jeans and 2 blouse and fara belanje me some accessories. a very nice long heartshape with gold plated chain ( 2 of it one big, and another is a small heartshape)i want o buy a shoe, but all sizes for me isnt available. damn! But, nvm, I dun really need shoes since i have a lot of shoes right now, haha! fara did buy herself a pair of shoes and jeans and a lovely blouse.

So, I'm done with the shopping, we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp for dinner. Anand wanted to buy dinner for that nite. YuMmY~Since i dont have that regular appetite i used to have,I ordered a Mashed potato and Calamari Rings. It's delicious! Actually that was my breakfast, my lunch and my dinner for that day.hehe.....

I have a GREAT DAY yesterday! Thanks to fara and harry for picking me up ;), thank you so much!And thanks Anand for the dinner! I really enjoyed it! I feel much better now.. (hopefully)

hehe..pretend to be happy ke?
me n fara (tq fara)

me n harry..(tq harry)

and now...time sorg2 je mula la nak gedik2 fikir pasal die...duhhh..letihnye cm ni...can i just move on??? boleh tak?? susah sgt ke?? haihhhh...
bloddy ungreatful person!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Yesterday...All my troubles seem so far away
Now it seems as though they're here to stay
Oh I believe in yesterday
Suddenly, I'm not half the girl I use to be
There's a shadow hanging over me
Oh yesterday came suddenly
Why he had to go, I don't know
He wouldn't say,he wouldn't say
I said something wrong now I long for yesterday
Love was such an easy game to play
Now I need a place to hide away
Oh I believe in yesterday
Oh I... had to go I don't know
He would not say
I said something wrong
How I long for yesterday
Yesterday...Love was such an easy game to play
Now I need a place to hide away
Oh I believe in yesterday
I believe in

Was so far away
Oh yesterday was far away
And I know I can't turn back
Cause yesterday is gone

pls return my yesterday..

about to leave..:(

Sayang is about to leave me..
should i let him go?
if i let him go..
i'll never gonna meet him again..
if i let him go..
what gonna happen to me next?
if i let him go..
who gonna call me sayang? bb? smelly? my all?
if i let him go..
who gonna make me smile again?
if i let him go..
who gonna hug me?
if i let him go..
who gonna put his hand around my waist?
if i let him go..
who gonna kiss me like he did?
if i let him go..
i don't noe wat my life would be...
am i gonna be crazy?

but yes..One thing for sure..
whatever it is..
Fairuz Abd. Rahman and Varren Ng Chi Ian never gonna be together..
never ever..

he's stuck in the middle..
sorry darling...i noe i make it worst..
i noe your life's complicated enuff..
so do i honey..

i am not gonna 'seksa' him..
i wanna make sure sayang happy with his life..
even though its hurts me...

izit b'cos of our religion? or fate?
I'm not gonna point my finger to anyone...

I'm gonna meet him on Friday...
whatever gonna be..pls let it be fairuz!!.

love is all about the drama n relationship.

p/s: 10 Oct is our monthly sarry..(nothing gonna heal my soul!)

Friday, November 07, 2008

I could hardly believe it
When I heard the news today
I had to come and get it straight from you
They said you were leavin'
Someone swept your heart away
From the look upon your face I see it's true
So tell me all about it, tell me 'bout the plans you're makin'
Then tell me one thing more before I go

Tell me how am I supposed to live without you
Now that I've been lovin' you so long
How am I supposed to live without you
How am I supposed to carry on
When all that I've been livin' for is gone

I didn't come here for cryin'
Didn't come here to breakdown
It's just a dream of mine is coming to an end
And how can I blame you
When I built my world around
The hope that someday we'd be so much more than friends
And I don't wanna know the price I'm gonna pay for dreaming
When even now it's more than I can take

And I don't wanna face the price I'm gonna pay for dreaming
Now that your dream has come true


Thursday, November 06, 2008

aduhhh!!! my leg damn pain!!
ingat dah nak rupenye tidak!!
owhh what's wrong with my leg???
hihihi..its happened last week..
during my vacation...(jatuh longkang)
its funny rite? jahuh longkang? tak nampak jalan ke?
but ya..memang tak nampak jalan pun..gelap giler..


urmm..God pls give me the strength..yes i noe im week...
i receive text msg from someone today..
"pakai otak lah. i tak angkant means i bz lah."
izit really true? i have no brains?
giler kasar sentence tu.. i never talk to someone like that..maybe not in directly la kalau ade pn..
accept to my sister or my brother..tu pn gurau2 je kan korg??


Wednesday, November 05, 2008 do you guys overcome the feel of boring?, depress?, or tiredness?

rock climbing?
make love?
play with ur pet?
watching movie alone?
hanging out?

i think you should find a new hobby that you really enjoy.
running is definitely a good way to fix those problems.
tapi larat ke? or you can sleep all day..