Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Having fun with 'THE MONSTERS'

Finally i went out last night. I'm having fun with Fara, Harry and Anand.The story goes like this, I am bored-to-death yesterday and as usual i will on my notebook and 'Buzz'ing anyone who's online. Luckily I saw my sister, fara online at that particular time.So i BUZZed her and hoping that she will reply my msg..and she did, but a bit slow cuz she's kinda bz at that moment. Well she did asked "how's your day?"..and i said," not too bad, dah nak jadi gile dah ni".

and i asked her to lepak with me. but she said she got loads of work and in fact her company will be having a movie-day-out on monday! haha..what a company! all of the staff can leave at 3pm and off to The Curve cuz the movie is at 4.30pm. So she said, there's no way she's going to pick me up in KL from her office in Cyberjaya and then drive back to The Curve , Damansara.

Biler fikir2 balik, betol jugak kan? menyusahkan die jer. So,i pon kembali la menjadi gile. Tak tau nak buat ape.No one too talked to, and kepala plak asyik teringat kan si lelaki tu dan segala memori indah. Hancur hati biler Fara tak leh datang amik i kat rumah.Ape nak buat? huhu...main ngan Neo jer la..Die pon dah tak larat nak tengok muke monyok dan mata yg sembam ni lagi dah..kan Neo kan? So, i continued my routine which is, BUZZing people and thinking of him! grrhhh...why must thinking bout him? damn it!!

An hour later, guess what?? Fara called and asked me to get ready cuz she's goin to pick and we're going out! YEAY!!! Only GOD knows how happy I am at that moment! So, i quickly changed, called my momasking permission to go out with fara and by 4pm fara is already here. =)We went to The Curve, to watched movie,(* we watched a free movie called BURN, a Thailand movie.),because Fara doesnt wanna watch Quantum Of Solace with her officemates and her boss for some reasons.hehe..I dont wanna bug her with her office thingy.

After the movie, we went to optical shop because Anand wanted to buy a new glasses for himself.We spent almost 2 hours in that shop just to choose one glasses for him. haha...and finally he chose glasses from OAKLEY. Nicey..Owh, do u guys notice that i wore a glasses in the pictures. Was it nice?It's actually my sister's glasses..it FENDI.. nice huh? And maybe fara will get me Ferragamo for me for my bday next year. I like that particular Ferragamo glasses..(i forgot to take the picture..sorry..its very unique and stylish yet elegant!Tak saba rasenyer..or maybe GUCCI..boleh tak fara? hehe..boleh kan? yeay!!!

Done with the optical shopping, we went SHOPPING of course! Definitely I NEED A RETAIL THERAPHY.. So I bought a pair of jeans and 2 blouse and fara belanje me some accessories. a very nice long heartshape with gold plated chain ( 2 of it one big, and another is a small heartshape)i want o buy a shoe, but all sizes for me isnt available. damn! But, nvm, I dun really need shoes since i have a lot of shoes right now, haha! fara did buy herself a pair of shoes and jeans and a lovely blouse.

So, I'm done with the shopping, we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp for dinner. Anand wanted to buy dinner for that nite. YuMmY~Since i dont have that regular appetite i used to have,I ordered a Mashed potato and Calamari Rings. It's delicious! Actually that was my breakfast, my lunch and my dinner for that day.hehe.....

I have a GREAT DAY yesterday! Thanks to fara and harry for picking me up ;), thank you so much!And thanks Anand for the dinner! I really enjoyed it! I feel much better now.. (hopefully)

hehe..pretend to be happy ke?
me n fara (tq fara)

me n harry..(tq harry)

and now...time sorg2 je mula la nak gedik2 fikir pasal die...duhhh..letihnye cm ni...can i just move on??? boleh tak?? susah sgt ke?? haihhhh...
bloddy ungreatful person!


fara.rahman said...

hahaha...best giler okay semalam!!
dah lame aku tak bershopping bersame ko! mmg best arH!

tgklah kalau ader rezeki akan ku hadiahkan kamu cermin mata Salvatore Ferragamo itu..hehe..or maybe GUCCI..paling busuk pon Armani la..okay dear?

Fuzy blurry said...

hahaha..how bout my handbag?
kalau both of it blh tak?
whakakakak..takdelah..memain je..

anything oso can..tp kalau ferragamo tu pn best gak..GUCCI pn..armani pn..sumelah!!

fara.rahman said...

handbag? handbag ape?
hm..kalau handbag pun nak GUCCI glasses pon nak GUCCI mmg susah sikit la..kopak la ku..haha

tapi kalau handbag GUESS and glasses Ferragamo, boleh la kot..sbb handbag GUESS takla mahal sgt kan..hehe.. InsyaAllah..orang kate rezeki lepas kawin tu sentiase ader. Doakan la aku..

Fuzy blurry said...

fara.rahman: haha..boleh la handbag GUESS and glasses Ferragamo, tak kisah pn..

aku akan sentiasa doakan kau. dun worry!!