Sunday, November 09, 2008

about to leave..:(

Sayang is about to leave me..
should i let him go?
if i let him go..
i'll never gonna meet him again..
if i let him go..
what gonna happen to me next?
if i let him go..
who gonna call me sayang? bb? smelly? my all?
if i let him go..
who gonna make me smile again?
if i let him go..
who gonna hug me?
if i let him go..
who gonna put his hand around my waist?
if i let him go..
who gonna kiss me like he did?
if i let him go..
i don't noe wat my life would be...
am i gonna be crazy?

but yes..One thing for sure..
whatever it is..
Fairuz Abd. Rahman and Varren Ng Chi Ian never gonna be together..
never ever..

he's stuck in the middle..
sorry darling...i noe i make it worst..
i noe your life's complicated enuff..
so do i honey..

i am not gonna 'seksa' him..
i wanna make sure sayang happy with his life..
even though its hurts me...

izit b'cos of our religion? or fate?
I'm not gonna point my finger to anyone...

I'm gonna meet him on Friday...
whatever gonna be..pls let it be fairuz!!.

love is all about the drama n relationship.

p/s: 10 Oct is our monthly sarry..(nothing gonna heal my soul!)


missAA said...

its sad

fara.rahman said...

it is sad..
BUT!..u have to be strong ok?
its not like this is the end of the world! fuck that! he's not that good. you just need time to heal! thats all u need..pliz la..dun make urself looks weak just because of that pathetic guy. ok? you're much better than anyone he chose! believe me..Now on, just be strong, try to forget about him, start ur new own life, making money, go travel around the world, make new friends, and, live life to the fullest!

p/s : please give urself a deadline for mourning over him..
im begging you.

Fuzy blurry said...

fara.rahman: how could i be strong?
i woke up dis morning with a sadness mood!! I HATE IT so much! i don't wanna be like dis! im just too week too be strong!!

i try to forget him. the more i try the more hurts!

but yes.somehow, no matter wat i need to move on.start my new life, make new friends,traveling and enjoy my life.

btw..tq fara..tq a'a for concern bout me..i blurred rite now.