Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy 2 years anniversary

Sayang...Happy 2 years anniversary too us..25 months n still going n going..
even though byk giler problem..haha..(just kidding) i love you so much..
muahhh..for eternity!!

hurm...when can i meet you again?
izit tomorrow? or the day after tomorrow? makes me goin crazy!!DAMN i miss you like hell!!

ya..lately we had so much problem..
all because of "her" why should i tahan with this kind of situation?
whats is wrong with me?? "blue umbrella boy"
maybe they think that i am stupid..
"MAYBE!!" but hellooo!! i am not okay!!
i just wanna sit back and watch what you guys boleh buat belakang aku!!
"diam tak bererti marah atau bodoh" hehehe..
neway..i love still love my baby v..

see you when i see you darling..

I'm going to try to speak the words
that my heart wants you to know
i want you to see what you mean to me
and why i love you so...
nobody else can know my thoughts
and touch my soul like you do sayang
no one can melt my heart like you do
simply by holding my hand
with a loving glance or a tender kiss
you make my cares disappear
warm thoughts of you surround me
and always keep you near
i need nothing more from you than this
to know that you'll always be mine
and the promise of your love in my life
until the end of time..

p/s: i love you

Jengka, pahang

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


IF there's a corner of his heart for me?
cos i will pack my bags
just to stay in the corner of his heart

Yes!!just to stay in the corner of his heart
there is room
beneath his bed for me
here is a room
beneath his bed just for me
i will leave my place just to sleep underneath his bed
can i have five minutes of his day?
just five minutes of his day..
i will leave this man
just to occupy five minutes of his day
yes just to occupy five minutes of his day
just to sleep under neath your bed