Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm at office rite now..
doing paper cutting..boring~
tp skarang Olynn continue my work..tq Olynn..
Syed as usual bz with his PC..doing recording eh not recording his checking the music i think.
Sofiea urmm..kat Along nye PC..
i started to counting days..
when can i meet him again?
maybe on Friday..lamenye lagi..:(
i wanna be with him everyday..cook for him..(i wish i can cook!!) kemas laundry..waiting for him to come back..give him a kiss..hug him..haihhh...WAKE UP GIRL!! (am i dreaming?) STOP DREAMING DARLING..but ya..he's bz with studying n I'm bz with working..
Friday is the only day tat we free....(i think)
i wanna go somewhere with him..i mean like vacation just for two of the beach..waaa!!!bestnyne!!bestnye!!have to start saving starting from now..maybe Bali is a good place for us..ya..i wanna go there on December!! start saving Fuzy!! RM2000 enough or not?
Tomorrow kena ikut Syed meeting kat IKON ke ICON (tak sure spelling die)..i don't know where's exactly the place..but i have to dress formal..(malasnye!!~) sebab tu darling called me lazy girl..
OWHH!! I haven't get my blood result yet..lambat giler dowh!!
haha..pray for me kay...
love me

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