Wednesday, August 20, 2008


hehehe..not much for today..i went to work as usual..heavy rain for today..i fell like Zzzzzz...:)

ggrrhh..stress2x..i called my darling v just now..i can't believe tat he said "i tak de mood nakckp dgn u sekarang" OMG..y people change so fast? i hate changes!! my darling v acting like someone i really don't know him..sometimes he can b very loving den suddenly acting like dragon..
not like last time..he always called me whenever i need him..he called me all the time....what is wrong with him now? i mean with our relationship now?? i am very he still loving me or not?GOD..plsss help me..Maybe because of her i think..i hate her so damn much...(fairuz jagan ckp macam tu, its not good to hate someone!!)

far away far away

From this world with cruel people
to start my new life in a new place
where the water is blue and the people are all new and nice
to another island, to another peace place
no more worries and no more tears
im tired of crying all days n nite for him
GOD please help me..
there's a boy next to me and he never will be anything
but always in my heart..
i will NEVER EVER forget about him..
cos he is my love, my EVERYTHING

once againt i wanna go far far away from this place..


i better go to sleep or else...aku akan mengarut lagi..hehe..
dis is not mengarut actually..this is wat people called "luahan perasaan"
am i rite? haha

so good night everyone...
i love you darling v...muahhxx...
take care..


yasmin said...

just leave n move on..tht's d best i guess..i know u n u deserve someone better.. :)

Fuzy blurry said...

Yasmin: hey.. i wish i can leave him for a long time ago dear...
i deserve someone better? but i still want my DArling Varren Ng Chi Ian..haha..

farah.rahman said...

fuck that!..ur too blind too see.daymn ur a loser

Fuzy blurry said...

ya..u can say wat ever you like..
i noe who i am..n yes mayb im too blind too sorry..
i hate my situation right now!!
no one understand me..only GOD noes..
hehehehe..btw thank..

Fuzy blurry said...

farah: btw im not a looser!!!

Anonymous said...

whatever! =p