Monday, August 25, 2008


okay good morning everyone..
last nite i had dinner at atok's house..
after tat atok bring us to the nearest mamak..
pity Faizal..he have to handle so many things in M'sia
since Uncle Joy n Aunt Siti is not around..
Giler his telephone bill around RM7K plus..tapi die tak guna phone langsung..uncle joy yang call die selalu..den he got saman for rm500 sebab tak potong all the lalang..(dis one neighbour complain la nie!!sibuk je!!!~!) he got court for electricity bill...giler ape M'sia ni?
tp time tu his not in Malaysia.his doing his practical kat Bosnia..So last nite semua orang try to settle up Faizal's case..hehehe..(Aunty kakak, Uncle Azhar, Atok, Mama n Abah)
okay! okay! semalam nye citer habis!! so for today..
jap lagi g meeting den after meeting tak sure g mane..owhhh
forgot bout my darlingV..his in the cruise rite now...Bestnye...slalau berangan nak g sane..
den had a romantic candle lite romantic..but baby went there for gambling..kan baby kan? (macam die bace je!~)
i want to get a car..tapi b4 nk beli kete..aku nak belikan die puppy!!..
tats more important!! n go for vacation.. many things to do..
tapi tak de duit!~
love you

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