Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Buenos Dias

As usual..how are you guys??? dah hari Rabu dah kan? tak saba nak tunggu Christmas..hopefully santa will come and give me at least satu hadiah daripada wishlist i pun tak pe..hahaha...let me share my 2011 X'mas wishlist a.k.a forefer wishlist part 1...

Fuzy Rahman's X'mas and forever Wishlists part 1

1. Chinchillas


                 Arghh...look at them..so cute kan..i wish santa can send me one...Scientific name: Chinchilla laniger (Molina). Synonyms: Callomys laniger (J. Geoffroi); Ericetus laniger (E. Geoffroi); Eriomys lanigera (Bennett); Lagostomos Chinchilla (Meyen); Mus laniger (Molina). Actually the general appearance of this cute chinchillas is like a rabbit..they got thick head, the long, somewhat stiff whiskers, the large wide ears, rounded off and almost hairless..

2. Ferret

little ferret


This one memang dari 2 years nya x'mas wish..but until now still tak dapat-dapat lagi...it is very important to research this animal as much as you can...cause they are acutually unlike any other pet..they do need a lot of care and they thrive on attenttion.....Ferrets with proper care boleh hidup up to 10 years or more tau!! so,you need to make sure that you can really take care of them..Are you prepare for a long time commitment???


Volkswagen Polo GTi Geneva 2010 Picture #3   

yeahh..this is what i want for now..kalau boleh nak CAYANNE..tapi buat masa terdekat ni kalau blh kumpul duit..pastu kalau tak cukup duit...POLO pun boleh..hehe.


4.  HOUSE...

yang ni tak boleh nak tunjuk gamba..sebab tak sure lagi nak land house or condo..but for the time being i think, lagi prefer condo kot..cause i want my future bf or husband (kalau ada) yang beli land house..tapi kalau tiba-tiba tak de jodoh n hudup single forever maybe baru fikir nak beli land house as a second house..aminnn...


JYEAHHH!!! i bad this is almost everyone punya dreams pun kan..hehe..ada ke orang yang cakap dia tak nak duit??? MADNESS!!! kalau ada orang cakap dia tak suka duit..memang la money is not everything , money can't buy happinees, duit tak menjanjikan apa-apa and bla..bla..bla..but then, without money how can we survive..lagi-lagi zaman sekarang ni kan...without money cam mana nak penuhi wishlits ni...

6. new gadget

iPad 3

Samsung Galaxy note

n ETC...terlalu banyak gadget yang nak..nak iPod and GPs jugak..hehe..

7. Handbags, sport shoes, pump shoes, high heels..

 hurmm..yeah i loves hand bags, sling bags...whatever bags yang cantik-cantik..hehe

part two..to be continue...


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