Wednesday, December 14, 2011

hari malang alia -__-

semalam kekasih hatiku alia nabila mengalami miserable day because:

at first alia tak dapat bersama2 I in same division which is UK international Trade team,  Then we went back from office around 6.45pm we found that alia's car been clamped....shoottt i felt SORRY for my gf =(..pity her...then Pneh was around together with Zairul and me accompany alia to Police Bantuan office for asking discount...

after pujuk and pujuk the police age around (45++years old) alia got discout rm30 from rm50.

then alia went back safely....then she met her McDreamy and durian..

hihihi i just LOVE alia nabila very much tau...i hope she's always happy forever and ever!!!

i love you alia


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Fuzy blurry said...

hahaha...this entry been post by alia nabila rozaini...hehe..but stil..i love you so much...