Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm in toilet rite now...hihi..doing some investment..
haihh..wat a boring day...taktau nak wat pe eh??...
tonite maybe lepak with nadia kot...not sure yet...
n im not hoping pun...just wait n see..

last friday my Uitm friends came..(Nia, Ikim, K lah, Dina)
i tot just two of them je yg datang...(Nia n Ikim) tgk2 lagi 2 org tu pn ade..hihi den hang out till morning..(we went to Dolphin)
lots of gossipss we shared on that night...i miss them so much!!

then on Saturday...we went to Bukit Bintang den to Pavilion for buka puasa..
damn pack!!! no sit for us..!! meet my sister, ery n my brother...pastu malam g Hartamas for shish with my girlfriendsss...

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