Friday, September 05, 2008

grrhh...outside raining..
n I'm cool...need someone to hug me n hold me...
haha..what the hell I'm talking about ni?
I'm blogging beside Him..
tp baby sleeping..
so...die tak sedar pun..nvm..
baby look cute with his sleeping face..
I love Him!!
ape yang nak di ceritakan ni?
i have no idea..
outside raining pastu kalau dpat cup of hot coffee best ni..hehe
owhh..okay..tat day Mr.I called me.. sweet..i like it.. bad i don't like u..sorry dear..
hehe..Every time he called me,
its remind me of my babyV time first2 dulu actually..
OMG..lovingnye...!! called me with me till late nite..
loving je by that time..(sweet talker la konon!)
sorry i won't masuk perangkap for the 3rd time..
2nd experience is enough!!too tired untk play game with guys!!
why must people change?
i want my babyV macam yg 2 years pass..
can you be like last time Darling?
owhh n also Mr.N....
i miss him so much!!
lame tak jumpakan..
he got gf now..
im happy for him..
good luck hunn!!
dun b notty!!
How bout Mr.K?
hehee..he keep asking me..
"when we gonna meet"..
haiyaa...entah la...
I'm not sure whether i wanna go out with him or not..
nanti2 lah kay..
maybe after raya...hahaha..
okay guys..
take care..
for aware with sweet talker
n for you appreciate someone in front you..especially ur SGF
both of you must appreciate each other!!
do love your bf n gf!!
cos i do love Him!!
Happy Weekend Everyone!!
Love my sweetheart

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