Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Welcome Back..

with my besties darling "Miss A'a"
me n him wish you Happy Merdeka
me n marry

hurm..dah agak lame tak memblogging...
since Friday if I'm not mistaken..

owhh..on Friday nite kan..
i had a big fight with Mr V..hahaha..stupid..i hate it!!
but den dah okay..n i like it!!so,
we're not going anywhere...just have a drink at dolphin je..

lets move on to next day..
Saturday...Yaaayyy...Happy Birthday Malaysia...dah 51 years old dah..nothing much on Saturday..sleep until 5p.m. den woke up g makan....malam g curve..tgk firework..after curve Asia cafe..went back home 5a.m. (pic kat atas)

next pls..hehe..
on Sunday...haihh...eh have i told you guys bout kikie?how kikie? hhaha..she's Mr V new dog..comel..but i a bit scared cos she's black..popo called her blacky..hehe..eh not blacky tp black..black..petang2 me, baby n ruby bring kikie jenjalan..heehee..

On Monday pulak..owhh happy fasting everyone..tp sye tak berpuasa...hehe..bagun2 tdo baby called mcD..i ordered Mc chicken n baby ayam goreng..den we ate together..after tat went to T2 play dota with babyV, Fairuz,
Fairul,Ej n Apil..pas main dota bwk kikie walk..walk..

okay..okay..Tuesday story..
haihhh...nothing much jugak actually..hari2 yang membosankan..
menunggu waktu balik je..playing Olynn PSP..hehe..

Love Love


farahrahman said...

kiki tu nickname ery!!! u noe that!!! bagi kat anjing name tu??? haizzzzz...

Fuzy blurry said...

OMG...mane la nak tau..
hehe..first2 ingat name die vicky
tp silap..kikie rupenye..sorry guys..ery is kiki..tp our dog is kikie..