Monday, September 08, 2008

Sunday Evening

hallo...hello..hehe..last Sunday Abbey, Marry, Varren n me went to Malacca..hanta Marry balik was fun actually....Abby yg drive Sayang new car..pastu buka puasa there..

the food was Fantastic!!Fresh giler seafood die..!! we ordered sotong goreng tepung, ikan 3 rasa, ketam masak merah, udang bakar n kerang bakar...nasi lemak n white rice..pluss our drinks for 5 person eat just for rm 100!!perghh!! best n cheep!! name tmpat tu Alai..(kalau tak silap la)

Varren and Me
Abbey, Fuzy n Varren
Abbey n Mary

we arrived kl around 11 something...den went to Varren mum's house with Abbey....

we just lepak there...

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