Thursday, September 18, 2008 a wild world..lalaalal~

hihi...sorry..i've been busy lately..
tak sempat nak update blog..
tadi pun g NSTP ambik kuih raya with Olynn den g cari plastic nak pack kuih raya..
tapi smpai skrg tak jumpa2 lagi..
jap g nak kena pack pulak..hhiihi

korang sume tau tak?
Learning how to make sincere apology is an art and science
of living even though it's not always easy to do..betul tak?

saying "sorry" is part of life and whether we are aware or not,
we use the remark daily and in some cases almost every hour.
some of us have no problem saying "I'm sorry" when we accidentally bump into someone at work, home or even when we are driving..(kengkadang tu langgar meja pn nak say sorry)..

such expression are also uttered in an argument, for turning up late for an appointment, breaking something unintentionally, and the list can go on and on.

In fact, such types of situation are so common to us that the ensuing apology has become an automatic response with natural timing. we're only a human and everybody makes mistakes at some point of time in our life and it is noble to say sorry..

The magic word sorry is FREE and the moment the word is expressed, your heart feels a lot lighter and it eases your tensed nerves...apologising doesn't mean the individual is guilty but the word is so powerful that it can heal the situation where he or she have offended tak pun hurt someone.

From small, i have been taught to say "I'm sorry" and admitting any wrongdoing on my part because it is regarded as a respectful gesture.

But for some people apologising can be the hardest thing to do because they think it's a sign of weakness and vulnerability. Misunderstanding and differences in opinions are bound to happen in our daily living as no two person are the same in any aspect.

A friend of mine she has not been talking with her brother for almost 3 years owing to petty argument they had and till today she walks with heavy heart and feels rotten when she talk abouts about her family.haihh...(kesian dorang) but what to do? takde sape nak say the "magic word tu"..

When an individual does not say sorry willingly, he or she will have to carry a heavy baggage of unhappiness, anxiety and fear in their life. this is cos the guilt feeling is so contagious that it can be harmful to the person's health and they will also feel tied down. Many people do not realise that when you admit you're wrong, you clean your past and get to sleep better. (its true u noe!!)

always remember that is it never too late to say sorry. The faster you utter the word the better the result would be!!

apologising means the individual is acting with integrity and being aware of how the person's behavior affects people for the good or bad. However, it is an individuals choice to avoid any conflict to face the music. If you are unable to do so verbally face to face, do it in writing or skrang kan ramai yg gune some receives an apology is up to them.

All we can do is extend healing and hope for renewal through our courage of being accountable, apologising, and not repeating the harmful behaviors.

REMEMBER there is not time that heals BUT it is what you do with the time to ease the situation.

im sorry darling..


Qaseh Nadeeya... said...

hamboiiiihh... merungut la nih!! penat ker gi ambik kuih??? gigit kang...

Fuzy blurry said...

qaseh nadeeya: eh mane ade ahh..i saje je tu.hihi