Thursday, October 23, 2008


ggrrhhh!!! time practical bosan! bile dh dok umah pn bosan!!
ape nak buat nie?
dok rumah bgn confirm2 kul 2...den online till late life!!
kelua pn boring...

owhh yaa..i should plan for my next week..haha
sbb next week cam best sikit!
what should i do for next week?????
Monday lepak rumah...spend time with my beloved family..sbb sume org pn ade dis week
Tuesday g Astro...(having my closing interview n need to return my id card..)
Wednesday pack my bags..haha..(so excited!)
Thursday ready to chow!! I'm going somewhere alone!! hahaha.. am i sure? yaya..I'm really sure bout tat..I'm going on Thursday den going back on 5th or 6th of November..owhh my report presentation..takpe2!boleh settle kn while vacation nanti..bestnye plus takutnye sbb g sorg2..(i will up date with you guys from time to time kay!)
den after tat stat working!!!!!!start savings!!!

i miss you..mishh u so much
i hope you can hear me..cos i remember it clearly..
the first time i saw with your white long sleeve school shirt,
botak school canteen..hehe..i asked my friend bout him..giler time tu..
klaka jew...

gud nite..

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