Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No one!

Every little things that i do..im so in love with you...no one can stop me..
now i got Neo with me...makes me feel like I'm with HIM...
baby neo...hahaha...

Aiyaa!! i haven't start my report yet...aduhh..so lazy to do it!! can someone help me?
i need to summit on 31 Oct..n my presentation on 3rd Nov 08...after tat HorrayyyYy!! eh blm hurray lagi lah!! i need to work..eh no!! silap. i must work!! no matter wat!! kumpul duit tuk vacation nanti!! no shopping for at least till March!! i mean bukan tak leh shopping langsung...skali sekala je boleh!
i need to spend more time at home..no outing.no clubbing..save budget!!haha..boleh tahan ke cam tu??? entahlah..i'll try!! i noe i can do it!!

nite2 smelly

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