Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Stop CURI my photos ******!!!!!
i respect you as a human being. And please DO NOT disturb my privacy!!!
igat kau sorang je boleh mengamuk? marah2? come on dude!!!!! get a life!!
aku pun boleh kot!! Sukahati la nak g mane long as i noe my limit...******!!

grhhhh..GERAM dowh!!!

its raining outside..
but im crying never know it!
and i don't think you wanna know..
i just wanna start my new life..
please don't be so selfish ******!!
OMG he so ******* rude!!

sesiapa yang makan cili, dia yang terasa pedasnya!!!



nia said...

Translation in English if there are people who don't understand Malay. Here it goes :-

Stop stealing my pictures!!!
i respect you as a human being. And please DO NOT disturb my privacy!!!
U think u're the only person who knows to get angry? i also can. who cares where i wanna go? as long as i know my limit.....!!

Dear Fuzy,
I dunno why there are people who just can't see others live happily. demmit!!! wish i never know them.

Fuzy blurry said...

nia: hihihi..tq my dear for translation...

tq so ya..

aliya rahim said...

hows been bgging u around sis?
ehh..ble nk dtg umah..
ur stgthnr da ada maaa

fara.rahman said...

sape yg stole ur pic? and act like stupid tu???

macam haram !

Fuzy blurry said...

aliya rahim: ade si penyibuk ni sorg..geram dowh...bila nak dtg rumh?
esok kot..tak pun jap lagi..ihihi..

fara.rahman: you noe tat person Fara..sangat2 macm siot!!