Friday, December 12, 2008

good time with them

grhh..i just woke up from my bed..malasnyee~ dah la hujan ni..sorang2 pulak tu..hihihi..
owhh semalam hangout with Olynn dear..we went to Centro...
tq darling...u make me happy last nite..:-)..Say sorry to your friends sbb i tak friendly sangat..hihi..

After Centro i actually went to my friend a while only)sorry for the emotional ya..i can't control it. sorry..

Nabil u tipu!! cakap nak datang!! I tunggu u tau!! grhhh!!!!! buat org marah je si Nabil ni.
Olynn dear..if u nak pic ni ambik tau..den after nak copy let me noe..sbb i nak delete sikit..hihihi..

So whats the plan for tonight?
Hard Rock with Syed?
Hartamas with Hasif?
Zouk with Nadia?
or just lepak at home..watching movie...update blog...(boring giler!!)
hahaha....still thinking bout it...i'll let you noe tomorrow ya!!

love you all!!


HaqeemOthman said...

grrr... pg clubbing ngan olyn taknak ajak.. :(

Fuzy blurry said...

HaqeemOthman: hihi..sory dear..
eh tonight ade private party..
u wanna join?

Anonymous said...

shit... gler xlawa i dlm sumer pix syg..
waaaaaaa!! mabik muke hodoh! hahah!!
love u so much darling..

Anonymous said...


Fuzy blurry said...

oLynN: hihihi..menew ade buruk la syg oi...okay je..dah sume dah u tgh ting tong...hihi..

love you too darling..