Saturday, December 20, 2008

Early morning

Selamat Pagi Dunia…I woke up early today…sleep with my parent last nite..entahla to be honest, I feel damn lonely plus sad lastnite. Waiting for someone to call ianya menghampakan..i always tot I was stronger but the fact is I AM NOT!! I lost this game. You make me run a perfect circle and I’m done with it..sungguh memenatkan.

Pastu ni bagun-bangun je terus on laptop n check my phone. Oh dear, ade msg from maxis…2missed calls from tat someone (0132299***). Damn it!! I just thinking bout you last nite.hurmm..den ade lagi 1 msg from maxis jugak..5missed calls 3 from 017667**** and another 2 from 0132299***..walau pun dah di delete numnye dalam phone sye hakikatnya in my memory box masih ada num tu…(G*******S) Why don’t u call my Celcom num? Why don’t you call me a bit early my friend? (you don’t have my Celcom num kan?) Its okay…I don’t blame you. I can be happy for you. Of course I can be happy for you.

Im listen to Curt Cobain song rite now..

Come as you your friend

As a known memory..



Shower first..


fara.rahman said...

wow weeeeeeeeee...seronoknyer! hehe..

Fuzy blurry said...

ape yang seronok nya?