Thursday, March 12, 2009

just realize tat actually love don't love nobody.

Love don't love nobody, love don't even care about no one.
You said you'd always be there
You said you'd always care
You always comfort me
You used to share things with me
You used to have time for me
Now it all seemed to end
I can't control my fears
Neither hold back tears
Knowing that something's wrong, yeah
The more that I fight with you
The more I realize
It takes more than love
To satisfy my life

I thought I never would see
The day that you and me
Could not communicate
It came to my surprise
The only reason why
We misused the four-letter words
I should have known the signs
Instead I was blind
Ignoring what people would say
When will I ever learn
Can't blame it all on one word
Some words can seem more brutal than kind

Love don't care
No way!!!

You see it takes a fool to learn
That love don't love nobody
But I've learned
That love don't love me
And it sure can't love you
So what are you gonna do
Don't just say you love someone
You got to show ur love

Love don't love no one
And it sure don't care
Love don't love nobody
You should take my advice

no doubt for it

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