Sunday, March 29, 2009

today news!

hi everyone!!!!!!!!!

i got 2 good news nak share today.
first..i dah dapat!!DPT APE??hahah..dapat keja.
meaning tat im not jobless anymore..
hahaha..i'll start working on Monday..
hopefully i ade semangat keja yg lame!!
cos i really wanna work dis time!!
owhh lupa nk bitau..I'll be working with maxis in Sunway as a..collecter..(just call2 org for their outstanding bills, kalau tak silap) and..handling event..

n second..saye dah pindah rumah.. come everyone visit my new hse dktPuri Ayu Shah Alam
it such a nice hse, nice view and nice swimming pool!!!(ianya sgt tenang dan damai!)
girls jangan lupa bwa bikini...:P



fara.khairi said...

adoiiii...tadi aku dah type panjang2 dah...tapi die tak terima comment aku..sial la! haha..

anyway, congrats baby sis!! finally...u have move on to next phase of life!! thats a big YEAH for u!!!now when u move on, please dont turn back..keep on moving forward..ok? think posittively, always!

upload la skit gamba umh baru yg cantik tu..haha!! nnt me nn harry will come for swimming sumtimes..and bbq. hehe..

all the best baby sis!

Fuzy blurry said...

hopefully im not ganna turn back.

owh..dah snap dah gamba2 rmh tak leh nak update lagi.but dun worry cos i'll update soon.

owhh!!meh la datang swimming!!
hihi..bbq pun blh!!