Sunday, January 04, 2009



Lokman hilang!!!

This is my first new year’s blog. Yeah!!! It’s already 2009. Well, time fly so fast...kalau ikut tahun im 22 dis year..OMG!! tak caye jee..good bye 2008.
How’s ur New Year Eve Celebration????? Must be great rite??
Some went to KLCC, BKT BTG, CRV, KjG, PTJY and loads more…..1 thg 4 sure, KL were packed like a canned sardine. So, we’ve decided to celebrate new year in Port Dcksn….
So cool, fun and interesting…our first journey together. During new year eve, we ate..ate and ate till our stomach can’t take it anymore. Then we went to the beach and just chilling around while waiting for the countdown……..10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1!!!! HAPPY NEW YEARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
Seems like we’re the only people who celebrating it loud and proud. Everybody made their own resolution….
Get bored at the beach we moved to the next check point, Malacca.
Hamdan n ejat waited there. On the way there, we passed 3 road block…..Aa’s car just got thru but us, we need to pull over. Damn!! We were asked for license and ID. (Quite scary….) The whole policemen were holding fire arm with them…hihih…I quickly text Aa’ and ask them to make a u-turn and save us. Hihihii =) Arrive in Malacca, we just hang around and see the ‘rempiting’ we drove back to PD. (actually Melacca agak memboringkan)
Balik bilik masing2 kepenatan…ade yg tdo ade yg tak saye salah sorg yg tak tdo tu…main card la keja ktrg..pstu main guitar…(ijat jang lupa!! Buat lagu tuk I kay!)
The best part ialahhhh…banana boatt!!!!at first sume org cm bersemangat nak naik...but den yang naik nye tak ramai pun..the rest pengecut!!! wat damn cool..walaupun sye sgt serious sgt2 best!!! Lepas mandi laut ktrg pindah mandi pool lak..
Den pack our bag n start our journey to Kl...
So mane destination seterusnya??? Pulau Kapas? Cameron? Langkawi? Hihihi..entah lah...we'll see...shadiq n Ali you guys kena join tau next time..hihi


missAA said...

rindu pd..i mean our trip...hehehe

Fuzy blurry said... too..

Anonymous said... too!!

Akeem_ said...

g tak ajak~
bapak sedey~

Fuzy blurry said...

Akeem: haha..tak pe next time kite plan lagi kay..bulan 8 ni..ko g savings..hihihi

*Jalan Tengah* said...

kalo dh plan jgn lupe plak ajak i n ejat taw...
nie org ajak baru die nak ajak..

Fuzy blurry said...

*jalan tengah*: haha..dun worry..nanti i ajak u n ijat..hihihi..