Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Which one???

Hello again..i just wanna share something with you guys...i had read this one book which discuss about the four personality types..(How to live with them since you cant live without them...its a good book!!)

this following list is a short inventory that will give you an idea of your primary personality trait..you may feel that you are predominantly one trait or an equal or almost equal blend of two traits..after looking at the list and short description which i dah pendik kan sikit (malas nak type panjang-panjang..) determine your primary and secondary personality types, then..try to decide your partner's types..Enjoy!!........

1. THE FUN SANGUINE (people who love to have fun)

Strengths                                     Weaknesses       
funny                                           exaggerates 
life of the party                      dominates conversations
entertainer                                     self-centered
optimistic                                      disorganized
energetic                                           forgetful  

 if you are sanguine (fun and popular) type, you have the gift of conversation! you get along with most people and can talk to anyone and everyone.  the downside of your personality is that you can very often be inconsistent, disorganized and forgetful...

2. THE LEADER CHOLERIC ( people who love to be in control)

Strengths                                   Weaknesses                   
strong willpower                       can anger easily
take-charge person                  overpowers people
achievement oriented                            can't relax
developer                                   arrogant
visionary                                  domineering

if you are a choleric individual (leader), you want to be in contro control, but you have a tendency to be critical and intolerant of other, less-productive personalities. you are a decision maker, and often productive and profitable. But you have to be careful not to wound others with your words. You may need to extend more grace and mercy to other personalities!.

3. THE SERIOUS MELANCHOLY (people who must be meticulous) 

Strengths                                    Weaknesses
loyal                          tends to be a perfectionist
organized                         prone to mood changes
thorough                                     lacks flexibility
consistent                                           less social
sensitive                                                  shy

You are enjoy structure, systems and accountability. You are faithful and loyal person. You see everything in black and white. While your strength is organization, your weakness is to be negative and critical. 

4. THE EASYGOING PHLEGMATIC ( people who are calm peacemakers)

Strengths                      Weaknesses  
gentle                           worrier
peaceful                           fearful     
    calm                        procrastinator
dependable                      indecisive 
thoughtful                      low energy

If you are phlegmatic personality, you may need to push ypurself yourself to be more positive and decisive. You are sensitive and easygoing, easy to please, gentle and flexible. You are the dependable type!

so.............. i believe that knowing our personality types and traits is a real key to better understanding yourself and your relationship..eh!! yeke?? ye la tu kot kan..=D  this knowledge allows us to be more accepting, patient and tolerant to one another...


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