Wednesday, May 18, 2011

spread love..

t congrats farra n herry..both of you done a great job!!hehee..
love both of you so much..ouhh bby thaqif as well....

dun cry sayang..

Rizq Thaqif Mohd Khairi

With Mummy Fuzy..oushh sangat fragile tau bb..

Tok Mama la yang paling excited nii..hehe..(takut giler time ni)

ouhh..look at him..

he always make people smile

last but not least..with pakcu ameer..hehe

First class today is quite okay..i need to improve my communication skills..need to talk and make'on fuzy..i noe you can do it!! you are now going to 24 years friendly a bit. do not just sit and wait for people to tegur you..siot aa!!asal la susah sangat nak bekawan..haihh..i really need to join communication skills training.this is like seriously duh!!
btw..i am now officially dah jadi aunty..hehe..dah dapat super cute adorable charming n hansom nephew..Rizq Thaqif bin Mohd Khairi..hehe..this tiny hansom boy is sooo.sooo cute..i love him so muchh n i miss him too..i asked my sister to send me thaqif pic every day..haha..comel sangat budak kecik manja sorang glad that both of them are fine..can't wait to kiss and hugs him on this coming Friday..mama lah orang yang paling excited bila jumpa bby thaqif ni selain dari mama n papa dia..of course.!hehe..tok abah dia cam biasa la..takut nak carry bby lagi..

p/s: sissiyy..actually tok mama n tok abah pun cute kan??hehe..hopefully thaqif tak susah nak panggil..hehe..but i like it.."tok mama n tok abah" hehe..


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