Friday, December 04, 2009


I had a great Wednesday with my niece Alia and nephew goes the story on Tuesday i hangs at Ca'an house as usual for me when the semester break is approaching..and then went to SJMC, visited my cousin..(pity her, already been 2 weeks suffer in the hospital for backbones injury, if I'm not mistake. I don't know what the scientific term for this. Mind me. [Get Well Soon Kak Ja!! =) ]

Soon after that, i brought my atok for dinner.
And soon after dinner i sent aliya and fuad back home. then we started to plan what to to for the next day, which is Wednesday!

At first i thought i want to bring Fuad to Zoo or Bird Park, or Butterfly Park or anywhere (i just want to make him happy for the day. Not to think about his sucks love life at least for the day) =) And then suddenly, one voice came out with this idea..."PICNIC at the lake garden!"

At first i was like " Best ke korang picnic kat lake garden?"
And they said, "Best angah! sebab tempat tu besar!!! Macam2 ada"..
Okay then i said "6.30 tomorrow morning. Aliya kejut kan angah tau!.Lambat tinggal okay?"
(which i know everyone will be LATE, but no one got left behind. So sweet of fuzy kan? hahaha)
Ca'an made us some Fried Rice for picnic and Aliya made us some drinks. And so we went...

I had a fun's a great choice! There's a lot of green there. They have Japanese Park, they have Flower Tunnel and many others. But i didn't discover it yet. It's a HUGE garden. Now who says there's no serene and vie like this in a heart of a city? haha..=)


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